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Tips On Buying A Used Car From Used Car Dealers In Kent

Welcome to all this short article on how to make a smart buy when approaching the used car market. This is a topic we are well versed in, we are local experts on used cars dealers in Kent and as such have has extensive experience in matching consumers with the car of their choice.

If you think it might be time to get behind the wheel of a used car, dont think you are on your own in this market full of swindlers hoping to take your cash and leave you with a an old clunker. You can call us for some great offers, important advice and even great referrals.

Following is a short compilation of common hazards awaiting the used car buyer, be sure to review this well before going out to purchase your vehicle.

Important Pointers for Used Car Buyers from the Used Cars Dealers in Kent

-Used Value The first thing to know about buying a used car is that they are always a better deal than a year model. This is because up to 40% of the value disappears as your pull out of the dealership.

With this in mind, you must also consider that the used car lot can be one of the most crooked markets around, with all kinds of clever rogues attempting to turn their scrap into cash.

Following are two ploys that a clever buyer should be aware of:

1. Clocking the Odometer

This is the illegal practice of turning the odometers dial down to give the false impression the vehicle has seen less use than it actually has. Every thousand kilometers removed from the total amount can significantly increase the asking price.

Signs a vehicle has a clocked odometer include:

-There is always a fair amount of chipping, scratching and other such damage done to the underside of the bumper, grille and bonnet caused by gravel and debris being kicked up from the tyres. Does the amount of damage coincide with the odometer reading?

-Worn parts of the car are also indicative of older vehicles. Look at the pedals, gear shift and seat belt. These are all indicative of the age of the car, compare the seat belt on the driver's side to the passenger seats. Do the pedals look worn?

-Brand new parts on an obviously older vehicle can also be indicative of something old and problematic awaiting below the surface.

2. The Clone

A car may also be stripped of its original identity and be given the identity of a newer car. This illusion can be accomplished to varying degree of efficiencies. Sometimes it is a simple as swapping the plates and sometimes even more deceitful.

You may not even find out the car you bought is not yours. By the time your car is being repossessed the clever rogues will be long gone spending your hard earned cash on wine and song.

Carefully checking out all the details of the car's registration papers and following proper process for purchasing used vehicles are the best ways to avoid this debacle.


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