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Atlantas Finest Limousines

1. Party Bus

Using Luxury Road Events for party bus rental in Atlanta is a great choice for those who want to travel around the city in large groups with plenty of space. Luxury, class and comfort are the core of this type of limo. Party buses have become more of a trend over the years, and theyve been appealing to people from different age groups. Thats because inside, you can have your own private party on the way to the real party, or even after leaving it. You can celebrate it in lots of ways food, drinks, games, TV, music, karaoke, etc. all while having a safe and convenient ride to and from the event.

If its your birthday bash or bachelor/bachelorette party, this is the perfect way for you and your entourage to keep the night lively for as long as possible. You can say goodbye to those dull or uneventful travels on the road. You can disregard the need for cabs or designated drivers.

Provided you make a reservation, know the number of passengers, ensure no one under 21 will drink, choose the right bus and bring your own music or CDs, youll be guaranteed a completely fun-filled party bus experience that will make the whole occasion truly unforgettable.

2. Stretch Limousine

This is a vehicle that really knows how to make an entrance. If youre getting dressed to impress, you can kick it up a couple more notches by riding in a stretch limo. Imagine how much buzz it can create at prom nights? The feeling of being a prince or a princess is enhanced with these limos. Its the sense of extravagance knowing that some good money has been spent for the ride that highlights how special the event or the passenger is.

The stretched form of the car is what makes it look sophisticated and appealing. It catches peoples attention and makes them wonder whats inside. How many people can fit? Is there a wet bar or TV set? Do the seats form some sort of arc with a table in the middle? Those are some of the questions that onlookers may be thinking while trying to see through the tainted windows. Indeed, these limos are intriguing.

3. Ford Expedition

This limo bears quite a resemblance to the Stretch Limousine. Its also stretched in form but has a more corporate feel. In a way, the Stretch Limo and Ford Expedition look like a Beetle and a van respectively, with the middle section of each being stretched.

The Ford Expedition is a practical choice for a group of colleagues to journey together on a business trip. Thats because theres a lot of space for them to do more than just eat or drink. They can play games as well. They may use their computers and discuss work-related matters.

With one of these vehicles, youll be provided a swanky form of transportation that your business partners, coworkers or employees will surely enjoy.

4. Cadillac DTS

If you look at a Cadillac DTS and feel it displays prestige and importance, that feeling makes complete sense. President Obama himself rides around D.C. in a Cadillac limo. His happens to be bigger and heavily armored, which is why it weighs a ton. In fact, its likely large-size Goodyear run-flats, which are Kevlar-reinforced, that are the kind of tires needed to get the vehicle moving.

If you want to travel around Atlanta feeling a little bit like the president, this is the type of limo we recommend.


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