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Rental Car Insurance

Rental car

There are more options for renting a car than ever before. In the past, you simply selected a vehicle from one of the many brick-and-mortar car rental companies found at airports, train stations or other locations. Today, technology has made possible other alternatives, including peer-to-peer car services, which enable consumers to rent personally owned cars from others; and car sharing programs in which—for a monthly or annual fee—consumers can pick up a vehicle at a wide range of locations for periods ranging from minutes to days.

While these car rental options mean more choice for consumers, they mean more questions about insurance coverage. Fortunately, it is possible to be properly insured when renting a car without wasting money by purchasing duplicative coverage.

The insurance coverage offered by traditional car rental companies is fairly standardized. However, coverage varies widely amongst other types of car sharing programs. The most important step is to read the car rental/sharing agreement—most companies clearly state what is covered as well as the supplemental coverage that can be purchased.

Regardless of the rental car option, the I.I.I. suggests making two phone calls:

The first, to your insurance company, to find out how much coverage you currently have on your own car. In most cases, whatever coverage and deductibles you have on your own car would apply when you rent a car (providing you are using the rental car for recreation and not for business).

If you have dropped either collision or comprehensive on your own car as a way to reduce costs, you may not be covered if your rental car is stolen or damaged. Insurance rules vary by state, so it is best to check with your insurance professional for the specifics of your policy. Check to see whether your insurance company pays for—or provides a rider for—administrative fees, loss of use or towing charges.

The second, to your credit card company. Insurance benefits offered by credit card companies differ depending on the company and/or the bank that issues the card, and the level of credit card used (a platinum card may offer more insurance coverage than a gold card). However, most credit card only provide limited coverage, such as covering the deductible if there is a claim.

To know exactly the type and amount of insurance that is included, call the toll-free number on the back of the credit card you will be using to rent the car. If you are depending on a credit card for insurance protection, ask the credit card company or bank to send you their coverage information in writing.

In most cases, credit card benefits are secondary to either your personal insurance policy or the insurance coverage offered by the rental car company.

Brick-and-Mortar Car Rental Insurance

Consumers renting from traditional car rental companies can generally choose from the following coverages (Note: insurance is state-regulated; the cost and coverage will vary from state to state.):

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) Also referred to as a collision damage waiver, an LDW is not technically an insurance product—it is designed to relieve or “waive” renters of financial responsibility if their rental car is damaged or stolen. In most cases, waivers also provide coverage for “loss of use,” in the event the rental car company charges for the time a damaged car cannot be used because it is being fixed. An LDW may also cover towing and administrative fees. The Loss Damage Waiver may become void if the accident was caused by speeding, driving on unpaved roads or driving while intoxicated.Comprehensive/collision auto coverage generally covers damage to a rental car. Keep in mind, however, that in most states diminished value is not covered by personal auto insurance policies.

Liability Insurance By law, rental companies must provide the state required minimum amount of liability insurance coverage—generally this figure is low and does not provide much protection. (See State minimums here.)A standard auto insurance policy includes liability coverage. For additional protection, consider an umbrella liability policy. Non car-owners who are frequent renters can also purchase a non-owner liability policy, which not only provides liability protection when renting a car, but also when borrowing someone else’s car.

Personal Accident Insurance This covers the driver and passengers for medical and ambulance bills for injuries caused in a car crash Health insurance or the personal injury protection (PIP) provided by your auto insurance will likely cover medical expenses.

Personal Effects Coverage This provides insurance protection for the theft of items from a rental car.A homeowners or renters insurance policy includes off-premises theft coverage. If you frequently travel with expensive items such as jewelry, cameras, musical instruments or sports equipment, consider a personal articles floater to protect your valuables at home and while traveling.

Car Sharing and Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Insurance

The insurance offered by these companies is not standardized. It is therefore important to go to the company’s website to read the insurance coverage information carefully. If you have any questions, call the customer service number listed on the website. And contact your auto insurer if you feel you need more information to make an educated insurance coverage decision.

Car sharing programs like ZipCar, generally include insurance costs in the fee. However, if the car is involved in a collision or is stolen, the renter may be billed for a specific dollar amount that is stated in the membership agreement. For an additional cost, customers can purchase a “waiver” to avoid paying the accident fee. Car renters under the age 21 should read the insurance coverage carefully as many programs limit coverage for young drivers to the minimum state required amount of liability. Young renters can look into whether their parents’ auto insurance would cover them for the difference, or purchasing their own non-owner liability policy.

A number of web-based peer-to-peer rental services (e.g. RelayRides) offer both basic coverage and supplemental insurance. The supplemental insurance includes both coverage for damage to the car and liability protection, and provides a choice of coverage amounts and deductibles. Renters who do not purchase the additional insurance are required to sign an agreement stating that they declined the coverage.

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Detailed Explanation On The Importance Of Towing Services

Jardine Services offer instant and timely services. Efficient chaining and use of chains and harnesses is very important in such cases. Ideally, the service you choose should be able to cater to all your needs, from diagnosing to helping with the removal, to transporting. Thus you can see that towing services offered by such establishments help you in various ways. Web world is the best of the platform to attain information on towing services.

Want flat deck servicethen do not look anywhere. These businesses tend to be in the telephone call out. Secondly, you should look into the fact that the company abides by the safety regulations and industry based guidelines.

If you're looking for a tow in the Salt Lake City area, rely on no other than the one who have been the leading service provider for towing in Salt Lake City. Currently, there are service providers who are engaged in offering a vast range of towing Salt Lake City Utah and recovery services. When you call the company's hotline, you can also rest assured that your call will be picked up quickly so that there is no delay in the rendering of a service. Be sure that you choose your right towing services doing your research it is very necessary for your safety as well as for the well being of you car. There are some companies that cater to late model trucks and tractors. Other than this, make sure of the fact that these companies offering tow services Salt Lake City abide by the safety regulations in the industry.

If you happen to be changing a flat tire on the left side of the vehicle, then chances are you will be putting yourself in harms way. But, a person might have more than one vehicle which needs to be moved from one location to another, and no additional drivers to assist. The prime concerns in towing are always safety and promptness. You ought to acquire one after paying the stipulated license fee which is determined and regulated by the licensing body in your city or country.

If such a transportation activity will use the highway of more than one local authority, permits of all the local authorities involved must be obtained. Having a decent roadside assistance plan will ensure that you get help swiftly and economically. You can just barely see the roof line and beacon light sticking out of the water. Maybe you are a small local car dealership and you often buy vehicles at the local auction house. This would be a guarantee for a good relationship between a service provider and a client. With these services, you can get your vehicle towed to place you want to. Repossession of vehicles by banks and other agencies also make use of tow trucks.

But, all that one should look for is quality services. Thus you can see that towing services offered by such establishments help you in various ways. In the present day scenario, the service providers are having unique web present and can be reachable by visiting their website. Other than above, you should keep in mind that the company has a team of well built and strong team members for towing.

When you are starting the business of towing services, it is important to obtain insurance. At Jardine Services, we provide the largest network of towing services in Utah. When the truck arrives they connect the car battery to the truck battery and give the car battery a boost. Tow trucks make it a point to arrive at the scene of the accident very promptly.

Regardless of the area they are serving, all of their customers get the same high level of quality work and dedication to customer satisfaction. Taking the time to plan your requirements early can help you get multiple quotes and find the best service for the best price. Web world is the best of the platform to attain information on towing services. The Towing is one kind of roadside help and assistance which helps in the case of the collisions, accidents, vehicle breakdown and any kind of vehicle help in the highway or anywhere else. There is also the option to verify through the internet or ask for a profile and quotations for comparison purposes.

Our emergency staff will be on hand round-the-clock to render swift assistance in any untoward situation. The proper licensing to operate this business needs to be obtained by the business owner.

The Importance Of Auto Body Repair Shop

If you have a vehicle owner in Calgary, you should always make sure that you make us of the auto body shops in Calgary near you. In fact, you should have an idea of all the shops that are nearby and not just close to your home because you never know if you may need the services of such shop. There are hundreds of these shops located near roads where the need for these types of shops can be accessed.

There are several auto body shops known today that offer a wide range of services to their customers. In fact, there are a lot of body and paint shops who are willing to provide repair and maintenance for its customers. Body and paint shop is auto body repair shop, which performs the double function of repairing damage to the body of your car and then paint. In fact, if you are looking for auto body shop, it is recommended you check if the store will offer the painting service or after the repair work is completed, or else you may need to visit another shop for repair.

Let's say it was an unfortunate case of car crash and you are in a desperate need of auto body shop how do you choose such a shop? There are several of these body shops found in Calgary in the region. There are hundreds of cars that break down when traveling - what to do in such a case? Just contact a shop that offers excellent body and paint services.

There are numerous shops that offer paint and repair services together - just find a little more in this type of body shops in Calgary and more information about their services before choosing to hire a shop. However, you can always try new stores offering their services, it is best to check the experienced shops services, so you can be sure that your car is in good hands.

There are countless instances whereby the vehicle body that was meant to repair and improve was also damaged more at the shop. Prevent this from happening to your car. You should not be in a hurry if you are to choose any auto body repair in Calgary. Exercise some patience and go through the profiles of these companies to learn more about their services and experts who work on behalf of these shops, so as to know the kind of services to expect from such shop.

Can I Get Car Finance With Bad Credit?

One of the most common questions that people in need of vehicle financing ask is: Can I get car finance with bad credit? If they decide to pursue traditional means of financing, chances are, their application will not get approved. However, by utilizing alternative means of fund-sourcing, they can have a higher chance of getting an approval gaining them access to funds that they can use to purchase that much coveted vehicle.

There are plenty of alternative financial companies in the United Kingdom that offer specialized loans for those who have bad credit histories. For most of these companies, the assessment criteria depends on an assortment of factors that are separate from a persons credit record. This means that they focus on repayment capacity, whether or not the person has a job, and other similar factors. Depending on the lender, there may be different payment arrangements made for each borrower. In this case, the answer to the question Can I get car finance with bad credit? often is a resounding, yes.

With other types of vehicle financing, a loan deposit is necessary, but when it comes to car financing deals that can be tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of the borrower, this may not be required by the lender. Usually, terms run on a monthly basis and payments are commonly dictated by ongoing costs. Should a deposit be required, monthly payments are reduced over the payment period. If a lower to zero deposit is asked for, this may mean that the borrower will have to settle larger monthly disbursements.

When choosing among financing options, it is always important for borrowers to check into the terms and conditions of the lenders that they will be considering. Accounting for additional costs such as these is extremely important. Doing so will ensure that the borrower will be able to meet payments in full, not to mention on time.

Maintaining a good credit history matters especially when a person is interested in availing of financing for vehicles and other purchases. Bad credit can be a major hurdle that can harm ones chances at getting an application approved. It is a good thing that even those who often ask Can I get car finance with bad credit? can receive a far better answer than just No. These days, a low credit score does not necessary need to get in the way of people being able to afford a car that they have been eyeing for so long.

Even with any of the following defaults in their history, they can still have a fair shot at getting approved for ample funding. There are CCJs which are county court judgments. This is a type of court order in the UK that can be issued to those who fail to repay money that is owed. As for bankruptcy, it is the event where an entity is declared insolvent.

Individuals may have also been refused car financing previously hindering them from being approved for a current application.

A Guide To The Main Parts Of An Auto Electric System

Due to the advancement of the green movement in automobile technology, people are now able to purchase electric vehicles. These are highly beneficial items; however, completing repairs requires a specific amount of knowledge regarding their operational system. Unlike the traditional fuel-propelled vehicles, the engines of electric cars contain only three primary features: the motor, the controller and the battery. This article will provide some information into the function and design of each part.

1. The Electric Motor

The electric motor is the most important part in the vehicle's auto electric system. This is the component accountable for both the driving and the propelling of the car. The motor is available in different types, these three being the most well-known kinds. The first is the permanent magnet DC whereby the magnet is the propeller. This is the least costly of the three. The second is the DC wound motor which is quite simple to operate and is the most straightforward of all motor types. Finally, the third type of electric motor is the AC motor. Despite being more complicated to utilize, the AC motor is the most proficient and multi-faceted.

2. The Battery

The battery is a significant part which provides an energy source to operate the electric motor. While the majority of vehicles will use a traditional car battery to supply energy, the more advanced options utilize Ni batteries. This use of Ni batteries is not only more eco-friendly, but it also provides more efficient amounts of energy, requires less charging time and increases the maneuverability of the vehicle.

3. The Controller

The third and final significant part of the auto electric system is the controller. The controller is vital in an electric automobile as it is responsibility for power running of the engine. As part of this power running responsibility, the controller will determine the correct quantity of energy required by the motor and supply the energy from the batteries. The controller is also beneficial in that it can control the synchronization of the motor and battery to increase maneuverability and functionality.

Final Words On The Matter

To be skilled in the operation of an electric car, it is necessary to have knowledge of the auto electric system. By using the information above you can build your knowledge of the main parts and make informed decisions on how to maintain your vehicle's auto elctrical system. For more help on the matter, you can look to study the subject online, or at a local college.

New Car Prices 2016: What A Car Buying Tips Guide Has To Say?

As we stand on the brink of another year, the car enthusiasts are concerned about the trends that would define their most-loved vehicles. According to Terry from the year 2016 there is a great buzz and anticipation about the efficiency and prices of the cars and the new models. One must admit that technology has reached a point where innovation will continue incessantly in all industries. Automobile industry is certainly driven by engineering and technology. It can be safely surmised that the potential clients will have a wider range of cars to choose from.

The new car prices 2016 will vouch for quality of the car. There may not be any significant change in the car prices but one can always expect a marginal difference. The existing models may have the same price apart from the usual tweaking which is the result of a Company's general practice. But the new cars pose an exciting debate before us. Pretty soon, we may find ourselves waging a war between quality and price. As far as one can see, it is quite evident that the new models are getting more and more swish, small and light. The manufacturers are taking a number of things into account while designing the shape and size of the car.

For instance, they may try to slice off some weight from the body of the car by changing the material. But at the same time, they have got to ensure that the car stays rigid and durable and does not become physically vulnerable. Thus, the need to strike a balance can be clearly felt. The tires, fiber and kit may also undergo a change. Hence, new car prices 2016 will be an interesting chart.

However, instead of rushing into a purchase, you must follow car buying tips guide, especially if you want to save money. Firstly, it is very important to understand your own needs. Just looking at a flashy car at a hoarding is not going to suffice.

Factors like mileage, comfort, seating capacity, power, body, style and brand must also be taken into consideration. Thus, it is recommended that you check and recheck your requirements and try to find an ideal car which will fulfill all these criteria.

A car buying tips guide shall also explain you the benefits of making enquiries and price comparison with local dealers and on online sites. Then, loan may also come into play. If you need a car loan, again you will have to make sure that you get the most viable finances with low interest and friendly terms & conditions. This can be possible if your credit rating is very high. So, any car buying tips guide shall always tell you to make your purchase during a time when your business is blooming and your credibility is sky-high.

Even while looking for new cars in 2016, make sure to test drive the car once. New car prices 2016 will surely be defined by style and substance. It will be up to you to make proper research and figure out the best deal.

Choosing The Best Tyre Shop For Fittings And Repairs

It is necessary to take good care of your tyres in order for you to enjoy a smooth and safe drive. It actually does not matter what type of vehicle you own. Whether it is a sports car, family car, classic car, luxurious vehicle, or an off-road vehicle, the right services from a tyre shop can help your wheels to remain in good condition.

For repair or fitting, it will not be a good idea to use a do-it-yourself approach, especially if you are not familiar with the process. For that reason, you must always find an expert who could do the job properly.

Importance of Tyre Repairs

The wheels of your vehicle work really hard; sometimes, they are still working even in adverse weather conditions. This is why your tyres should be in good shape all the time and have them repaired if necessary. However, you need to be careful in choosing a tyre shop that will do the repairs. It has to be a reputable shop in order for you to get your moneys worth. Therefore, you must take time in choosing the right auto shop.

Getting the Best Service Provider

A wheel and tyre fitment centre is probably the first place that you will visit if you encounter a problem with the wheels of your car. If you choose the best service provider in your area, you can be confident that the professionals in that shop will analyse the problem first, and then they will provide you with the best recommendations. They would either recommend you to change or simply repair it.

Maintenance of your wheels is an essential part to make sure that your vehicle will run as smoothly as possible. You can get many benefits when you land an established shop for maintenance and repairs. Basically, it may lessen the number of accidents on the road if the tyres are in pretty good condition.

There are different products and services offered by a tyre fitment shop, including:

- Budget and economy tyres

- Branded tyres

- Premium tyres

- Commercial and plant tyres

- Alloy wheels

- Mag wheels

- Wheel alignment

- Replacement services

- Fitting services

- Rim repair

- Accessories

You should look after your wheels at all times because they are a crucial aspect on the overall function of your car. You should do a proper research first before choosing a tyre shop. If you are lucky, you could even find some testimonials about them online.

Where Can I Sell My Van - Places You Can Sell Your Used Van

Where Can I Sell My Van? Do you want to sell your used van quickly and securely? If so, you may be wondering where to start. Selling a used vehicle is easier than you may realize. You have plenty of different options, and this post highlights many of them.

Use A Free Or Paid Online Listing Service

There are tons of free online platforms that you can use to sell used items. These websites are particularly popular for selling used cars. There are free sites that are catered to your city or cities near you. You can list details about your used van and add photos; make sure to include your phone number or e-mail address for contacting.

There are also paid online services where you can list ads for new cars. These services are paid for because they promote your listing for you. You may want to consider this option if you are struggling to get exposure on free listing sites. Use your search engine and type in "list my used car online" or any similar search terms.

Advertise In Local Newspapers

In addition to listing your van online, you may want to put a listing in your local newspaper. This can be convenient for a number of different reasons. It ensures that only local buyers will see your van. This can save you the hassle and risk of an online transaction.

The fees for listing a used van will vary depending on a couple of different factors. Some newspapers charge a flat rate for a listing, while others charge depending on the length of your listing. Call or e-mail your local newspaper to get details about this. If you write a short local ad, make sure it is as informative as possible.

Visit A Local Used Car Dealer

If you want to cut out any obstacles, you may want to simply sell your van to a used car dealer. As long as your van is in good shape, you are highly likely to make a sale. You do not have to worry about listings, meeting with strangers, and other factors. You simply need to call the dealership to see what their selling process is.

There may be some fees to pay when selling your used van. It simply depends on the dealer. In addition to local dealers, there are nationwide chains that are designed solely to buy used cars. You can find a dealership by searching for "sell my used car in (city name)" or something similar.

Additional Info To Consider When Selling Your Van

Lastly, make sure to do your research before selling your van to anyone. Look up the suggested retail value for the make, model, and year. You may also want to pay for a vehicle history report to show any potential buyers. Make sure you perform any transactions with strangers in a safe place or bring a friend along with you. With these tips and the option above, you can certainly sell your used van.

Smart Tips To Buying The Right Vehicle

Everyone loves a new car, but almost no one enjoys shopping for one. In order to make your experience a positive one, you need some information. Begin by using the following tips and soon, you will successfully get the 1968 Dodge Charger for sale.

Rather than buying a brand-new car, purchase a lightly used one that is only a couple of years old. Many cars come with transferable warranties that last for three years or 36,000 miles. You will save a significant amount over buying new, and the warranty will give you peace of mind for the first year or so.

Make sure that a budget is in place when you are car shopping. If you are shopping for a car, never exceed your budget. In the end, this is your money paying for the vehicle.

Take an extended test drive. Don't just take it for a quick spin through the neighborhood by yourself. Instead, enlist everyone who will be regularly riding in the car to share their opinions. Ask the dealer for a full afternoon test drive so that you have the chance to take it on the freeway to check things like the pickup and the blind spots, and spend some time really feeling the comfort of the interior.

A great way to test out a car is to rent the model you desire. This will help you get a good idea of what it is like to drive. Go on a trip in that car with your family to decide if it fits you well. You can get more acquainted with your vehicle of choice before purchasing.

When trading in your car, take it to a few dealerships and ask them each what they'll offer you for it. You may be shocked by the difference between the prices offered at each lot. In the end, compare the price of the car you desire with the offer to find the best lot for your needs.

Do not get all the extras offered during the negotiation. These things include extended warranties, clear coat and fabric care options. You can generally purchase these features after you have bought the car for a fraction of the price. Also, do yo really want to be paying for these few features over the length of the loan.

Check out how much repairs on a car would cost before buying it. You should be able to get a fair idea of what kinds of costs you will have to pay for repairs. And that's not just for when it is under warranty. What happens when you have to pay full price for an ignition coil? Different cars cost different amounts, so find out.

Don't hand over the keys to your trade in until the deal is signed. If they have your car "hostage," they can use it to pressure you to buy the new car. Wait until the deal is done to ensure you keep control of the situation at all times during the transaction.

When looking to buy a new or used vehicle, make sure that you never elude to the fact of how much money you have on your person. You only want to talk about what you think you should put down in regards to the terms and price of the vehicle being discussed.

Consider skipping the dealership entirely. An auto broker will work with multiple dealerships to find you the best deal on the car you want. You can usually find these online, and the dealerships will pay the fees for their use. This is a good way to comparison shop without having to visit multiple dealerships.

If you're buying a used vehicle, you need to make sure you get a record of any accidents it may have had with previous owners. Just because a car looks good doesn't mean that it's in tip-top shape. The dealerships have a nasty habit of making things look better than they really are.

Ask the salesperson tough, detailed questions about the car. Make a list before you go based on internet research so that you know the answers. If they get any wrong, you know you're dealing with an inexperienced, knowledge lacking sales force, which shows a low-quality dealership is in place.

Unarguably, car shopping is a stressful activity. However, as you can see, with just a little bit of research, you can take the experience from dreadful to fun. The article above is a great place to have started the process.

Why It Is Important To Choose The Best Auto Glass Tinting Expert?

If you want a classier and more professional look for your car, tinting is an excellent option for you to consider. However, the benefits do not end there. In fact, to get the most out of auto glass tinting, you need to be careful when choosing an auto tinting shop within your area. Here are some reasons why it is worthwhile to choose the best Bellevue auto tint company for your precious dollar.

1. Quality and Precision

With a highly-esteemed auto glass tinting company, you can expect unparalleled precision of all their tinting services. Hence, theres no more reason for you to worry about bubbled film, which is an issue common with sub-par tinting shops.The best auto tinting shop can provide you the finest deal along with exceptional results that give outstanding bang for the buck.

2. Save fuel with a cool ride.

Another reason why you need to choose the best car glass tinting service in your area is to get an additional layer of protection of your car from sunlight. With the right tinting service, you would not just increase the life and quality of your cars suede or leather interior, but youll also be comfortable as well. This adds value to your car as you can protect the interior from premature wear and tear.

3. Wide range of service offered to clients.

A highly quality auto glass tinting expert is adept in wide range of tinting services. Whether you have residential, agricultural or commercial vehicle, rest assured that there is something for you. With in-depth experience and diverse skills of professional tint installer, youve got better options to choose from.

4. Affordable quotes.

Just because you want quality tinting service, that does not mean you have to pay more. A well-reviewed tinting shop would be pleased to give you the finest quality of tinting solutions with affordable service charge.

Bottom Line

Indeed, there are several benefits that come with choosing only the best Bellevue auto tint company for your needs. Consider looking for a company with a proven track record, check the list of services and rates offered, and you can take it from there. It may also help to get recommendations from actual customers who have worked with a particular company, so you can have an idea on the level of service that the auto tint shop in question is known to offer. With these tips, you can get the results you want for your investment.

Atlantas Finest Limousines

1. Party Bus

Using Luxury Road Events for party bus rental in Atlanta is a great choice for those who want to travel around the city in large groups with plenty of space. Luxury, class and comfort are the core of this type of limo. Party buses have become more of a trend over the years, and theyve been appealing to people from different age groups. Thats because inside, you can have your own private party on the way to the real party, or even after leaving it. You can celebrate it in lots of ways food, drinks, games, TV, music, karaoke, etc. all while having a safe and convenient ride to and from the event.

If its your birthday bash or bachelor/bachelorette party, this is the perfect way for you and your entourage to keep the night lively for as long as possible. You can say goodbye to those dull or uneventful travels on the road. You can disregard the need for cabs or designated drivers.

Provided you make a reservation, know the number of passengers, ensure no one under 21 will drink, choose the right bus and bring your own music or CDs, youll be guaranteed a completely fun-filled party bus experience that will make the whole occasion truly unforgettable.

2. Stretch Limousine

This is a vehicle that really knows how to make an entrance. If youre getting dressed to impress, you can kick it up a couple more notches by riding in a stretch limo. Imagine how much buzz it can create at prom nights? The feeling of being a prince or a princess is enhanced with these limos. Its the sense of extravagance knowing that some good money has been spent for the ride that highlights how special the event or the passenger is.

The stretched form of the car is what makes it look sophisticated and appealing. It catches peoples attention and makes them wonder whats inside. How many people can fit? Is there a wet bar or TV set? Do the seats form some sort of arc with a table in the middle? Those are some of the questions that onlookers may be thinking while trying to see through the tainted windows. Indeed, these limos are intriguing.

3. Ford Expedition

This limo bears quite a resemblance to the Stretch Limousine. Its also stretched in form but has a more corporate feel. In a way, the Stretch Limo and Ford Expedition look like a Beetle and a van respectively, with the middle section of each being stretched.

The Ford Expedition is a practical choice for a group of colleagues to journey together on a business trip. Thats because theres a lot of space for them to do more than just eat or drink. They can play games as well. They may use their computers and discuss work-related matters.

With one of these vehicles, youll be provided a swanky form of transportation that your business partners, coworkers or employees will surely enjoy.

4. Cadillac DTS

If you look at a Cadillac DTS and feel it displays prestige and importance, that feeling makes complete sense. President Obama himself rides around D.C. in a Cadillac limo. His happens to be bigger and heavily armored, which is why it weighs a ton. In fact, its likely large-size Goodyear run-flats, which are Kevlar-reinforced, that are the kind of tires needed to get the vehicle moving.

If you want to travel around Atlanta feeling a little bit like the president, this is the type of limo we recommend.

Having Fun When Your Hobby Is Your Own Hovercraft

A great way to use personal hovercrafts for fun and pleasure is as a hobbyist. Naturally, hobbyists engage with their vehicles by racing with them and exploring with them. However, another way they really get involved in their hobby is (aside from collecting and testing new ACVs) by taking them apart and putting them back together again. By doing this, they learn more about the inner workings of the personal hovercraft. By building them, they can understand how to make their own models. Once they understand how the hovercrafts work, they can build their own models, whether from scratch or by working with kits that they've purchased. To practice their hobby, enthusiasts join their local clubs.

It's not much of a stretch your interest in mechanical means of transport such as cars, jet-skis and quads to these new air cushioned vehicles. the body shape and construction may be different, but they all have an engine (two in some cases) which may be two or four stroke, and a means of propulsion. The interesting thing is that these things are neither vehicles, boats or airplanes - see They exist in a category of transport which is unique and has not been fully stretched to the limits of their possibilities yet. This is what excites enthusiasts, the unknown possibilities in the future.

Hobbyists are interested by the ACVs because they are a truly unique means of transport, after all. How many other vehicles work by cushioning the air so that they can zoom by vastly different areas while hovering above the ground? Moreover, they create less pressure on our natural world than you yourself do by walking (they exert a pressure of some 0.33 pounds per square inch, whereas walking can exert a pressure of up to 25 pounds per square inch).

Because they exert this little pressure, you don't need to worry that your personal hovercraft will erode the soil or earth it passes over. Moreover, they don't run on harmful materials like fossil fuels, and they don't even need electricity to work. Truly, examining the insides of personal hovercrafts are one way for engineers to have a field day. They will marvel at the well-executed, aerodynamic design and strive to replicate it. Toward this end, many stores offer kits that laypeople can use to build personal hovercraft. Some hobbyists enjoy building their own entirely from scratch, as well.

Small Hovercraft Hull Material

In the early days of personal hovercraft manufacture fiber glass was used extensively to build hulls in just one piece. For one thing, the material is very light and so the power to weight ratio is well taken care of. Of course, bigger craft have by necessity hulls made of stronger and more rigid materials, such as aluminium or composite polyester construction, but the particular design characteristics of personal air cushioned craft for leisure use means that certain plastic scan be used. The huge disadvantage of GRP is that it split when hit with a hammer, or when it comes across an obstacle in it's path. It's expensive to repair and takes time.

Many manufacturers are turning to new materials that are in tune with the small hovercraft requirements, namely, lightness, robust and maintenance free. High density expanded plastic delivers all of the above and more - see diy hovercraft kits. As an added bonus, it can be supplied in any color that's requested - the dye is simply added to the plastic granules before the hull is cast, so there's no paint to upkeep and worry about. Hence, it is maintenance free. Most personal vehicles are less than four metres long, so it's possible to mold the hull in one piece, which saves a lot of time in the manufacturing process. Holding bays for engines and other important fitments can be designed right in, without having to worry about fabricating extra pieces later.

One manufacturer of leisure hovercraft present demonstrations where he repeatedly bashes one of the company's hulls with a ball pein hammer. Of course, the ball of the hammer dents the plastic and if were mine I wouldn't be too pleased, but the point is there is no splitting and no extensive damage beyond the point of impact. No expensive repairs are needed or even necessary, which represents a big advantage for prospective buyers and family men concerned about the safety of their kids, for example.

The concept of monocoque construction lends itself beautifully to hovercraft manufacture. All the holes for steering linkage and engine housing are simply factored in and the steel mold is machined ready for production. Plastic molds are expensive, and are intended for runs of many finished parts, not just a one off, unless it's a prototype. Even cupboards and other accessible areas will be present in the finished article. As the plastic expanded material has the consistency of wood, fitments can be fixed using special marine screws.

The Factors Affecting Hovercraft Speed

In principle, the forward speed of a hovercraft is largely determined by the power of the forward propulsion engine and the craft's aerodynamics, but this is too simplistic. In theory, on a perfectly flat surface it should be possible to attain incredible speeds, but there are factors that make this quite undesirable and positively dangerous. Racing craft have a special design which reduces the danger.

Imagine a hovercraft moving over a flat surface faster and faster, with only the air resistance to slow it's movement. The air in front of the vehicle doesn't part immediately and just get out of the way, but a bow wave, or turbulence occurs as the air is pressurized. This pressure wave is always looking for an outlet so that atmospheric pressure can be quickly achieved. Normally, this outlet is found by the air moving round and over the hull. If the skirt at the front is weak, or is faulty and air pressure pushes it in, then the air pressure under the bow will increase dramatically.

Like any mechanical system, instability increases with no apparent effect until a tipping point is reached. After this point, the system state changes very rapidly. In the case of our over-speeding hovercraft, the bow will lift rapidly and flip over. Obviously, this is a disastrous situation threatening the lives of everyone on board. There is little time to escape as tipping points are by definition very fast. Designers need to specify a maximum speed for their hovercraft which should be around 50% of the speed which would introduce instability. These considerations are important when looking a place to purchase a hovercraft.

In practice, this is achieved by specifying an engine size that is not capable of pushing an ACV beyond it's unstable speed, which greatly reduces the danger. However, other factors could also come into play, such as moving up a slight gradient with a frontal wind. In this case the craft would not be horizontal, but leaning backwards, and the forward wind would provide further air pressure to the bow.

Racing hovercraft have a particularly flat hull design with a stiff skirt which allows them to travel at speeds of up to 75km per hour without too much trouble. The surface are of the hull underside is also large compared to other craft used for leisure, rescue or survey purposes, which also helps to keep the center of gravity low enough to resist flipping over. That said, part of the excitement of watching air cushioned craft racing is the fact that they can, and often do flip over.

Learning To Ride A Motorcycle Need Not Be A Frustrating Experience

Riding a motorbike is one of the most fulfilling experiences youll ever have. However, as a beginner, learning to control this monstrous machine may seem difficult or even dangerous. Besides mastering how to balance the two wheels even on sharp corners, it is important to be familiar with the rules of road usage and a whole lot of other regulations. There are also a few stunts that one needs to get up to speed with before gaining full confidence to bike across various obstacles. But acquiring the much needed biking skills should not always be a frustrating experience. Usually, you can learn to ride a motorcycle in a few days provided you are trained by a master who is ready to hold your hand. Here are some basic tips to prepare you for your first ride.

Familiarize with all the road user rules applicable in your area.

Motorcycle riders are required to adhere to the same road rules as other road users. As such, it is imperative to make sure youre up to date with various laws, signs and markings by driving recommended drivers handbooks. Please also note that there are some rules that are specifically for motorbike riders which one should also familiarize with e.g. keeping at least one hand on the handlebars when riding.

Be open minded, some people take longer to learn than others.

Depending on your level of exposure and confidence, the amount of time required to master motor-biking may vary from one person to the next. It is therefore important to stay open minded and to be prepared to follow a unique path of learning.

Look for a competent trainer who has a good record of accomplishment in training beginners.

Motorbike riding training can be quite frustrating if a proper learning curve is not used. So instead of just looking for a teacher, make sure you find a master who is ready to understand the needs of a beginner. As a newbie, you need to work with somebody who is willing to listen to you and adapt to your particular learning needs.

Always wear a helmet when riding.

Whether you are controlling the bike or are just being carried around the training field, you should always wear a well-fitting helmet. It is important to inculcate this habit from the onset a good rider is one who is disciplined and conscious about own safety and that of other road users.

Lastly, be patient and ready to learn. Start by riding at slow speed and advance gradually as you build confidence. Remember, great riders enhance their skills through constant practice. So be committed to learning, make it your passion and youll succeed.

If Your Car Battery Dies

Eventually, some vehicle users may well suffer from battery failure. Maybe you missed the usual signs when car batteries are about to fail.

Its all you need when your just heading out to fetch the kids from school or heading into work.

In the event that this has happened to you and you have been left stuck at home or the office , this can most likely leave you in a little bit of a predicament. There are a couple of alternatives available for getting your car battery replaced.

(Solution 1) Contact A Mobile Car Battery Fitting Service.

An excellent option is to call a mobile vehicle battery fitting organisation, these people will come to the place where your car is stuck and replace the vehicle battery for you at a reasonable fee. Doing this could save a huge amount of hassle and fuss.

(Solution 2) Replace The Car Battery On Your own.

If you have gained a bit of experience with cars you could be proficient at changing this for yourself. You would need to search for a battery supplier local to you and arrange to go and collect the new battery. Establish they hold the exact battery in stock for your car before leaving to collect.

If your unsure try an on-line battery finder, you can just type in your registration and it would display the battery types suggested for your vehicle type. Otherwise you can examine the battery, on which it should have a label with details on it with regards to the battery type. Don't forget to always check the vehicle user guide for the best way to replace your battery.

(Solution 3) Look for A Local Repair shop In order to Switch out your Vehicle Battery For You.

You could look up a nearby garage who might be able to book you in quickly in order to have a battery replaced, but an issue you might face is getting the vehicle there. The repair shop may well be able to come and jump start the vehicle for you or you might be able have a go at doing it yourself. Alternatively if you hold an breakdown policy which covers you at home, they might be able to come and start the vehicle or tow it to the garage for you.

Your vehicle battery is vital so as to the starting of your vehicle, but lots of individuals in many cases forget to check this every now and again.

Tips On Buying A Used Car From Used Car Dealers In Kent

Welcome to all this short article on how to make a smart buy when approaching the used car market. This is a topic we are well versed in, we are local experts on used cars dealers in Kent and as such have has extensive experience in matching consumers with the car of their choice.

If you think it might be time to get behind the wheel of a used car, dont think you are on your own in this market full of swindlers hoping to take your cash and leave you with a an old clunker. You can call us for some great offers, important advice and even great referrals.

Following is a short compilation of common hazards awaiting the used car buyer, be sure to review this well before going out to purchase your vehicle.

Important Pointers for Used Car Buyers from the Used Cars Dealers in Kent

-Used Value The first thing to know about buying a used car is that they are always a better deal than a year model. This is because up to 40% of the value disappears as your pull out of the dealership.

With this in mind, you must also consider that the used car lot can be one of the most crooked markets around, with all kinds of clever rogues attempting to turn their scrap into cash.

Following are two ploys that a clever buyer should be aware of:

1. Clocking the Odometer

This is the illegal practice of turning the odometers dial down to give the false impression the vehicle has seen less use than it actually has. Every thousand kilometers removed from the total amount can significantly increase the asking price.

Signs a vehicle has a clocked odometer include:

-There is always a fair amount of chipping, scratching and other such damage done to the underside of the bumper, grille and bonnet caused by gravel and debris being kicked up from the tyres. Does the amount of damage coincide with the odometer reading?

-Worn parts of the car are also indicative of older vehicles. Look at the pedals, gear shift and seat belt. These are all indicative of the age of the car, compare the seat belt on the driver's side to the passenger seats. Do the pedals look worn?

-Brand new parts on an obviously older vehicle can also be indicative of something old and problematic awaiting below the surface.

2. The Clone

A car may also be stripped of its original identity and be given the identity of a newer car. This illusion can be accomplished to varying degree of efficiencies. Sometimes it is a simple as swapping the plates and sometimes even more deceitful.

You may not even find out the car you bought is not yours. By the time your car is being repossessed the clever rogues will be long gone spending your hard earned cash on wine and song.

Carefully checking out all the details of the car's registration papers and following proper process for purchasing used vehicles are the best ways to avoid this debacle.

A Regular Marine Battery And Deep Cycle Marine Battery Explained In Detail

There are several different kinds of lead acid batteries that vary from the standard car battery, and quite a few people are confused by the differences. There are marine batteries, made for use in boats, and a marine deep cycle battery that are made for use in boats especially to run appliances or trolling motors. These two types of batteries differ from car batteries in several key areas that are very important for their care, maintenance, and usage, let's take a look now.

The Marine Or RV Designation Involves The Construction Inside

Many people that have never opened up a lead acid battery and looked inside will tell you that RV, marine and automotive batteries are identical, well they're not. A regular automotive battery can't take the same abuse physically that a marine battery is made to handle.

Face it, when you're in a boat slamming the waves hard it rattles the fillings out of your teeth. In addition to that, many times the bow of the boat is pointed straight up into the air one minute, then nearly straight down the next. A car battery isn't made to handle that on a consistent basis and will fail earlier than a real marine battery.

The reason is that the lead plates inside the batteries are built differently in order for the marine battery to take all of that pounding and not have the plates move together and short out. If you were to open up the two different types of batteries you'd notice the different layout of the plates and more reinforcements or spacers holding them apart in the marine battery.

The Marine Battery Construction Comes In Several Different Usage Models

Once you understand what the "marine" label designation really means for that type of lead acid battery, then you can better understand that there are several different types of marine batteries available depending on the projected use.

Some marine batteries are made to start the engines so they have a lot of cold cranking power much like a strong car battery would. They can withstand high power draws for 15 or 20 minutes to start the engines, then they want to be recharged again. However, they don't like to be drained all the way down in power, that's actually bad for them and can ruin them quickly.

A deep cycle marine battery is primarily made to run electric trolling motors, onboard refrigerators, electronic equipment, and other long-term, low-power draining. They can handle being drained nearly all the way down without harming the battery. However, they should never be used in a high drain application like starting a large motor, as that will cause a shortened lifetime and may not work to start the engine either.

And now when you go to buy your deep cycle marine battery you'll know exactly what you're looking for and won't be confused by the "marine" designation that you read. By getting the right kind of battery you'll get much longer usage and far fewer failures while boating.


Driving On Motorways.

The idea of driving on the motorway should not give you jitters and make you go into panic mode. By the time you get to drive on the motorway, you will already be an experienced driver and this new experience will come to you as naturally as taking your next hot cup of coffee. You will find driving on motorways interesting as all vehicles are headed in the same direction, speeds are high and you won't find pedestrians, agricultural vehicles, sharp bends, right turns or even roundabouts. They are pretty safe to use but a few tips will go a long way in putting you in the know and helping you ensure that you don't put other road users, including yourself, in harm's way. For further training why not consider exploring driving schools Glasgow.

There are specific procedures you must follow when joining the motorway and this include firstly, indicating your intention and giving priority to those already on the motorway. You can neither force your way into the traffic nor drive on the hard shoulder. The motorway can have two lanes or three lanes. Fast rules here are that you keep left while driving normally except when overtaking then you can use the right lane but return to the left once done overtaking. On a three lane motorway, you might need to stay in the middle lane to finish overtaking several vehicles before moving back to the first lane and only use the third lane if the middle one is fully occupied.

Carefully change lanes and only overtake when it is safe both for you and other road users. Your intention to do so must be clearly visible, indicating in good time and keep checking the blind area. In addition to this, make it easy for other vehicles to join the motorway also by adjusting your speed and leaving the left lane to enable them join seamlessly. Watch out for signs overhead to signal change of direction so that you act appropriately say, change lanes and so on.

Remember that you cannot endlessly use the motorway. Watch out for junctions, countdown markers and the exit slip roads. Note that you must be in the correct lane, the left, for you to exit the motorway and if you miss your exit, drive on and look for the next since you cannot reverse on a motorway in order to return to the slip road you missed earlier. You can only stop on the motorway if signs or indicators tell you so, if stopped by police, in case of an emergency or when avoiding an accident. In this case, your hazard lights must warn those behind you about the situation.

As a precautionary measure, always drive safely within acceptable speed limits, keep your distance from other vehicles, regularly check your mirrors, be keen with motorway signals, and learn how to interpret flashing amber or red lights. Whenever possible, stop to replenish your strength before going on with your journey. Fatigue is not compatible with driving. Lastly, refresh your memory about reflective studs and remember hard shoulders can only be used in case of an emergency, otherwise, stay on the normal lanes reserved for driving.